Woman raises the alarm as son disappears from police cell after paying N60,000 for bail

Thirty-eight-year-old Wuche Ajuru, is always depressed each time she remembers how her 23-year-old son, who was arrested by the police on September 28, 2016, “for being in possession of N49,000”, suddenly disappeared from Rumuji police cell in Emohua, Rivers State.

She explained that she was initially optimistic that her innocent son, Happiness Ajuru, would be released when a member of the community, she identified as Okechukwu Eleonu, collected the sum of N60,000 from her, which was paid on her behalf for her son’s bail. Eleonu is the same man who reported her son to the police before his arrest.

It was gathered that the said DPO had since been transferred to Edo State allegedly because of the disappearance of the young Ajuru from the Rumuji police cell. The woman has on her own visited many prisons in Rivers and Bayelsa states to look for his son but they were to no avail. Unfortunately, the police have offered her no explanation on what happened to her son.


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