The Moment Rescuers Found Thailand's Trapped Football Team Alive

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The video shows the powerful moment when rescuers found a Thai boys' soccer team alive after being trapped in a cave for 10 days. The Thai Navy SEALs posted a video on their Facebook page showing the moment when divers found the group huddled on an embankment deep inside the cave. The boys waved and appeared to be in good health.

Search and rescue crews had been trying to locate the 12 boys, ages 11-16, and their soccer coach since they went into the caves after soccer practice on June 23 but were caught inside due to rising flood waters. One of the boys asked the divers in English how long they had been in the cave, to which a British team member said: "You have been here 10 days. You are very strong."

Another said, "I am very happy," and thanked the rescue team. The boys, anxious to leave the cave, asked when they would be going "outside," to which the diver responded, "No, not today. There's two of us. You have to dive. We're coming. It's okay. Many people are coming. Many, many people. We're the first. Many people come." The divers handed the team flashlights and assured the boys that food and medical care were on the way. "God bless you," a soccer team member can be overheard saying.


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