Dozens Stranded In Sokoto As Aero Abruptly Cancels Lagos Flights ‘Without Prior Notification’

Dozens of passengers are stranded in Sokoto, capital of Sokoto State, and many more will find out their fate on Tuesday and on Wednesday after Aero Contractors abruptly cancelled all its flights to Lagos via Abuja from Sunday to Wednesday “due to operational reasons”. Although the airline claims it sent out notifications of cancellation to passengers, four passengers who were all scheduled to travel on Monday told SaharaReporters they never got any cancellation notice.

Abubakar Skudu, who was scheduled to travel to Lagos on Tuesday complained bitterly, saying: “They did not text me anything about the cancellation of the flight. Now I’m at the airport, and there is no good response… even to attend to me well as a customer, no good response.

“They disorganised all my schedule… because I have to be in Lagos today. I work at the Seme Border; I finished my annual leave and I was supposed to resume tomorrow, but Aero disappointed me. I’m not happy with all they did to me. And there is no good response. Is it because we are Nigerians and they think we don’t have any action to take? Is that why they are doing this to us? This Aero Contractors, they do this all the time… cancelling flights without notifying the customer. Look at how they disappointed us," he said.


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