Alexis Sanchez's missed drugs test was Arsenal's responsibility, says Arsene Wenger#

Arsene Wenger has confirmed Alexis Sanchez missed a drugs test on the day he moved to Manchester United, and that the responsibility lies with Arsenal.

Arsenal have not yet been contacted by UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) or the FA over any subsequent sanctions, said Wenger.

The Frenchman defended Sanchez and Arsenal over their co-operation with anti-doping procedures, but admitted the error lies with his club.

Sanchez's whereabouts were unknown to anti-doping authorities as he finalised his transfer to Manchester United on Monday, and Wenger insisted his absence from his test was down to special circumstances.

"It's a special event for him to miss a drugs test because he will certainly be somewhere else with his agent," said Wenger. "He has been tested so many times here it is no worry he has any doping problem, just a bad day for him to be tested."


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